it called "Arisan"

last saturday night, me and my girlfriends had going out together. in every three weeks we had "arisan" in different place. did you know what arisan is ? i'm not quite sure what in english. the rules is, every time we meet we collected money from everyone with same number, then we picked one name to get all those money. i'm thinking it kinda like saving money. thats all i can say

obviously, everyday is rainy day. this cold weather would be perfect to wear my fav clasic coat. i wore this particular clasic coat with mini dress inside and blue heels. its verry comfortable and fit to my body

i couldn't stop thinking about what my friend elvia said, that i was a "fashion disaster' when i was in high school. i couldn't more agree about that, if in the real life you can get into jail if you wear ugly outfit, i would be in jail for many times hahaha. i wish i could go back in time and fixed my "fashion disaster". but, life is about learning from your mistakes, right ? i think, if you never be wrong then you never know what is right. t

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