lived in so many different ways, made your life more easier than stuck in just one way. beacuse you have many options to decide for. challenges make you more exiting to try new way. we never know which way would work for you. but one thing i know, if we never try, we never know the end results. or where the way bring us to

this is my shoes, clutch and lucien ring that i wore to my friend'swedding. sorry for not showing my dress, beacuse the picture was still editing by my friends. but, i'll show you on the next post. and i can make sure you that it will be as pink as my shoes hehe

the best shoes are not those with most expensive price or good style. but those which had story inside it. everytime you walk through, you spread messages in every step. sometimes i can remember what shoes i wore when the first time i was meet my husband, or which one i wore for my birthday bash. i also can  remember how struggle i was to get those shoes. as you know,not every shoes easy to get. sometimes its too expensive and i had saving money to bought it. or maybe those shoes should ordered for 1 or 2 month until we get it. see, every shoes has history

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