Purple color can build romantic atmosphere beetwen you and your husband or boyfriend

life is about finding the right color that match on your life, sometimes people says that you'll be perfect in red color. but,not for you. people can says anything about you,but only you can decide what best for your life. is it blue,green yellow,white or black.oke,i think thats quote that cross on my mind right now. now, back to purple color and nails yeaa
i like to dedicate at least 15 minutes every friday night to change my nail color. i mean, its girls favorite things to do right ? hehe. to be honest, my nails was never been unpainted more than 1 week. i know, i'm a freak nail polishes. i had more than 20 color nail polishes with different brand and color.
talking about color,do you know that purple color can built romantic atmosphere between you and your husband (like me in this case) or your boyfriend. yes,thats what i heard from a magazine. if you are not married yet,you can paint your nails with this color for you date night. 

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