i became more attentive to what i wear. i have told you before that i'm in love with neon color. this is my other look on neon color. this sweater was really comfortable actually. i never felt as fancy as i do in this beautiful sweater. i mixed it with high cut skirt which is can show your long legs ( that doesn't mean a have long legs, hehe), makes you more chic.my favorite one, fedora hat. oh, i will buy more fedora hat for sure, it's my favorite item. where did i get my inspiration ? well, it might be from the movie, fashion show, magazine, or on the street while i was in the mall. i'm not quite sure, but when i saw something unique, it will stick on my mind. then,when i open my closet, i picked clothes based on my mood and "that" something on my mind popped out, like a flash back. kinda complicated huh ? yeah,me too. sometimes i felt desperate cause i have nothing to wear. but then, i will sit on my bed, staring at my closet for about 5 minutes, cooling down my mood and my mind.it was like, doing simple yoga for my mind, but without any movement. just sit and be quite,and staring at my closet.then, i will find the perfect outfit for that day.
by the way, it's already December guys. time goes so fast, isn't it ? and, here's my first December look. enjoy guys xoxo :)

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  1. Your outfits are absolutely stunning! Your blog is great :D
    The photo with your son is absolutely adorable!
    I'm a new follower :) Check out my blog is you have a sec x Alona