it's all about red,black and gold for casual event

hollaaaa guys, i'm pretty sure you have heard my opening song. yes, its Lorde "Royals". i love this song so much, so i think it's gonna be perfect for my blog. hope you enjoy it too. unfortunately, while my husband made this song to my blog, he accidently erased my article about American Music Awards 2013 red carpet dresses. which is i have choose Nicole Richie as my best dressed. he didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident. he felt sorry to me. but, that's ok. at least he helped me to reset opening song for my blog. thanks honey.
i have felt overwhelmed by this blog. i have to take many pictures for my look, find the perfect place for photos hoot. fortunately. my husband offered me some help as my photographer. hehehe, once again thank you honey.                                                                                                                

 i was nervous before about the weather, it seems unfriendly for this photo shoot. when we were leave the house, a little rain fall down. for a sec, i was think "oh my God, this can't be happened". but then, rain has stopped. thank God. 

i started my photo shoot at Bandoeng Tempoe Doloe street. as you can see the houses inspired by 50's look house. i actually have anxiety of snake hiding on the green grass. but for this photo shoot, i don't even care anymore about snake. hahaha. enjoy this look guys. you can wear this look for casual event that might you will attending to. or, it can't be go wrong for cocktail party with some of your girlfriends. its gonna be perfect actually. xoxo cintacha roselina :)


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  1. Could you be an sexier..? :p Look at you.. How awesome you look.. Super stylish outfit and what a lovely pair of sandals for women... Great .. :)