Resolution for new year

Marry chrismas and happy holiday for all of you. hope you all have a great holiday with your family and friends. new year is just around the corner and i'm so exited December is almost end already, a few day more we are gonna meet a new year and a new chapter on our life. time goes so fast isn't it ? i'm not starting make resolution for new year. my biggest resolution is probably to make my own clothing line. yes, i have been thinking about this line along this year. but, i was too busy taking care of my 3 years and 5 years old sons. at this age, they needs extra attention from me because i don't wanna miss every single thing that they did. those little things are never be replace and it is a precious moment for me as a mom. i was too busy to help my husband too with his work. my second child is turning 3 next month and it means he's going to school next year. so i can have more free time to continue make my clothing line many ideas on my head and  it's about to explode.  i'm won't make a long list if i'm not planning to make it happen.well face it, because at the end of the year you will blame your self when none of your listing being beck. the most fun thing about resolution is make achievement.
my second resolution is to lose 11 pounds my weight. yes, i still have an issue with that hahaha. for your information, i was gained my weight almost 33 pounds when i was pregnant. so' i still have to lose a few more to bring back my body. i know it would be hard to lose 11 pounds, cause i feel stuck in my number now. but i remember one thing " if you want something, you gotta to work hard and  faith on it"
my third resolution could be buy more tree and flower to my house. because i love to see my house full of tree. it makes my house more warm and produce more fresh oxygen. i love healthy life and this is one of my way to teach my sons to love our environment. i really support "go green" action. i also asked my sons to watering our plants on the back yard and they were really love it. despite that there is no kids who doesn't love play with water. hahaha. but it would be a good start for them.
i guess that's all. well, i'm gonna put another thing if i remember anything else. how about you ? what your resolution ? have you thought about that ? 

by the way, i get bored with my old lay out. i'm planning to change it, but too lazy to make a new one. maybe i will ask my husband to do it.

here's my newest look and this photo shoot probably the most challenging i ever did. standing side by side with this huge excavator. my sons love excavator and they were collecting heavy equipment toys at our house. actually, my husband love it too. so i did this photo shoot for them.also follow my instagram and twitter @cintacharoselina 

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  1. Well you look gorgeous but good luck with the weight loss anyway. :D
    Happy holidays!
    x atelier zozo

  2. Gorgeous!<3

    Merry Christmas,

  3. you said that you'll follow me back if I follow you, but you didn't do it. Im waiting for you feedback, dear :)
    btw nice outfit, nice post. and Merry Christmas

    1. I'm sorry, i wan't realized that i'm not following you yet. Now, i'm following you dear. Keep in touch yaaaa xoxo

  4. you look great already.. I think you don't anymore weight loss.. Love the shirt!

  5. Merry Christmas dear! You don't need to loose more weight doll, you look adorable! XOXO

  6. you look so pretty :)


  7. Cute outfit, merry christmas :) Want to follow eachother? x Feel free to check our blog

  8. Beautiful blog! Great your photo :)

    Lets follow each other on GFC?


  9. you look beautiful.all the best in your resolutions
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin
    kisses & happy holidays

  10. Happy new year to you too :) I cant believe your a mum of two! You look amazing! Xxx

  11. good photos! :)


  12. I love your photos with excavator