Monday, 17 February 2014

Marina 24h Beauty Challenge

    Monday is the start of a new week and is usually the busiest day for me during the week. I am so exited because i am ready for Marina 24 hours beauty challenge and i will have fun with my beauty skin during my activities.
    I woke up on a bright and beautiful Monday morning. Before i went to bed last night, i applied Marina Natural Protects & Cares all over my body. That was why i smelled good this morning even after eight hours of beauty sleep and my skin still looked fresh and fair. As always i took a slice of toast with a cup of coffee for breakfast. Then i helped my five years old son to get ready for his school. After taking a hot bath, i used once again Marina Natural Protects & cares without any hesitation as it is the 24-hours protection and care of my beautiful skin and in addition Marina Natural Protect & Cares smells awesome. The fragrant aroma makes me feel so good and even more confident with my self when being surrounded by lots of people. i guess the people around me may have the same feeling about the tempting aroma of Marina Natural Protects & Cares as i do.
    In order to remember what i need to do every day, I always make notes of the to-do-list on my phone. I reviewed my schedule for today, first of all, a photo shoot should be done for new post on my blog. Second, i would have an appointment with my friend. third, i would like to continue looking for some fabrics for the new collection of my own. As you may have learned from the previous post on my blog, one of my new year resolutions in 2014 is to make my own clothing line which has been my dream for long time. i know lots of work should be done today, and i think it would be more fun with Marina.
     After Marina Natural protects & Cares treatment and dressing up, i was ready for outdoor activities. As  my private photographer, my husband helped me to do the photo shoot. In the past i used to worry about my skin whenever i had outdoor photo shoots or any other outdoor activities. Nowadays i don't need to worry about it any more as i am now using Marina. Because now Marina Natural with 24 hour Moisturizing, the  MOST-LOCK keep my skin moist until 24 hours. Marina Natural Protects &Cares contains Natural Protection Complex, from Apple and Red Poppy flower which is rich of antioxidant, also Sunscreen helps to protect my akin from outdoor environmental impact.
    As soon as the photo shoot was done, i went to one of my favorite cafes in Bandung where i met my friend and took lunch together with her. My friend and i have known each other since we were in Senior High School. we used to shared about everything especially about beauty things. we know each other very well. She has been helping me for my new project. She was so amazed by the fragrance and the fair look of my skin. I immediately took out Marina natural Protects & Cares from my bag and let her have a try. I always have Marina along with me whenever i go. In case my skin feels dry, i could then easily use Marina to give my skin the healthy and radiant look. My friend tried Marina, she loved it and could not help asking where she could buy it. After a long discussion about my project and some chitchat, about this and that. i hit the road to the fabric store. after a while looking for some fabrics with so many kind of choice with different texture, luckily i found what i needed over there. i feel like everyone staring at me and i realize they was amazed by my skin. i know Marina still protect my skin and it makes me happy. i could not be more proud about my skin and Marina did make my skin keep healthy. I checked my watch and it was already seven o'clock in the evening after i finished my last target for today. I hit the road heading to my home and i would taking a long bath to clean my body. I was felling exhausted but i was happy that my skin still looked awesome after outing for nearly 12 hour. It was all because of Marina Natural Protects & Cares. Marina had been protecting my skin all day long. Thanks Marina.
    I might be too tired all too lazy to write down my itinerary for tomorrow. How ever, how could i skip using Marina before i went to sleep, which has become my daily routine, and inseparable part of my life. once again thanks a lot Marina !
    Here's my photo shoot with Marina Natural Protects & cares and you can see me take a time to using Marina during photo shoot. I also exited to wearing this super cute sweater from Gogirl magazine as their 9th birthday merchandise. Happy birthday to Gogirl magazine Fun day !