Bohemian gothic gypsy

sorry i have been MIA for a while cause i was so busy taking care of  everything since my husband went to Surabaya for couple business meeting. pay the bills, registered my son to his school that will start this June, helped my sister to find a good doctor for her skin. but now my husband already home, and he need to get some rest and take a long nap. so here i am, have "me time", listening newest song from Lorde "Team" repeat over and over again while i'm blogging. i feel like hundred times to repeated this song. oh gosh, i love this song, Lorde is such a talented singer with a beautiful voice, her capability of writing a song was amaze me. you should hear this song. i'm kinda flying beyond my own world without anyone else, free and i can express my self without considering others will judge what i do. yeahh, i'm the person who has high imagination, sometimes i have over thinking in my head, but hard to spill it out. 

okay,lets talk about my new look. so, i'm so obsessed with bohemian gypsy look since a was a teenager, but i never find a way to start how to dress like a gypsy. the gypsy look, otherwise known as a bohemian flair, is making a bold resurgence in the fashion industry, it takes more from the 70's. this skirt i bought about 6 years ago, but i never wear it. and the cardigan, i think my girl friend gave me 6 years ago. booth of this items are so unique and i couldn't found a perfect way to wear it until now :)

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  1. I love your necklace! :)

  2. Loving your bracelets! (:

  3. So different, I love that necklace it looks so unique! XO

  4. very pretty!you look very beautiful too..really bohemian! Your accessories are to die for..
    anyway,Happy New Year! and of course belated Merry Christmas! :))) btw,I'm following you now,hope you follow me as well.Keep in touch,stay pretty! <3

    love lots,