the popular Hareem Pants

halooo all my dearest friends, for the past few weeks has always rainy day from morning till night, even we got no chance to see the sun. i always wear sock 24/7 even when i was sleeping. it's hard to find the right time to doing photo shoot cause this weather. thank God there's one day where the sun showed up and gave warmness and i got a chance to doing this photo, i wear this hareem pants from online shop in instargram simplyhappyshop and i feel like such a honor they gave me this particular hareem pants and i love it so much cause it makes my legs look more skinny.


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  1. very chic outfit, i personally like the necklace.

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  2. Love this, one of my faves, crop top and high waisted pants!!! XO

  3. love your red pants<3

  4. I love your blog