New Hair Color

i forgot to tell you guys that in the beginning of new year this might be my first resolution that being checked, new hair color. yes, i did changed my hair's color into brown, but in this photos looks like it red color. but, actually it light brown. i love it so much and very refreshing, like start a new chapter in 2014.
when i was doing this photo shoot actually it's kinda about to rainy day, the weather was not so friendly and the wind was very cold. so i decided to wear my coat and it turns out very suit with my outfit. i just have to say, i really enjoyed that beautiful day walking around with my husband. we bought a cup of banana strawberry fresh from this unique juice shop and my husband also taking picture of me when i ordered juice. in Bandung where i live now, everyday is rainy day. i almost never see the sun in the morning. people in my country rarely wearing coat unless they going to Europe trip or another country which has snow season.

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  1. This hair color looks so soft and pretty on you!
    Love your shoes too! ;)

  2. nice hair color. suka banget sama long blazer dan sepatunya ;)

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  4. love your heels girl!:)

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