Shopping for NYX and L'Occitane en provence

lately it's freezing weather kills me, forced me to wear my warm kimono, socks and hiding under my blanket. i feel like i couldn't stop eating cause my tummy was always hungry and scream "i need more food". i'm planning to doing outdoor photo shoot, but there always rain coming down every time i tried to. so in these look, i was doing photo shoot at my favorite mall eventually everyone has staring at me but at some point i'm not a typical a shy person. when i saw the result, it's turns out become a good picture cause the light at the mall very helpful and give me more benefit for my photos. i rarely using photoshop to edit my photo, almost all the picture was natural without retouch or editing. despite i cannot using photooshop hehe, i was too lazy to edit all photos.
so here i am on sunday afternoon shopping a few make up items at NYX. i was bought a primer and concealer from NYX bacuse it's a good product and the color perfectly match with my skin color. i'm using this product almost 2 years now. NYX has become one of my favorite brand for make up product. the nail polish also has a good color and very fast to dry. this product also affordable and good quality. i had a great treat from the employee to try many product like shading for contour and pink peach blush on which become my "must items".
i also bought my another favorite brand for body lotion, yes L'Occitane en provence. i can't find another product that smell very good as well as L'occitane en provence. the smell last all day long and make me feels good to be around people, add more confidence as well. it's such a great product and you should put in on you "must items' list, trust me you won't regret and i'm pretty sure you will absolutely falling love with all the product.

Do you still remember at the American Music awards 2013 when Miley Cyrus wearing white suit from head to toe ? and i told you that i'm so obsessed with her look. so here i am inspired by Miley Cyrus wearing white suit, but it's just look alike because she was wearing long pants and i'm wearing short pants with stocking. with this look make you more elegant and clean look. for all the ladies whom a business woman will perfectly suit on you to define you business woman look. i'm pretty sure you will love it.

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  1. I love your outfit and how color coordinated it is :)

  2. The white suit with a pop of green looks fabulous on you. Thanks a lot for visiting and the sweet thoughts in my blog.