Fashion Has no limit

I just watched a reality show "jerserylicious" on TV. Where 2 girls who worked at Gatsby Salon on New Jersey. They came to Ney York City to do make over at one of the best salon on NYC. This guy said that Olivia's make up is too much,she wearing too much bronzer on her face and it makes her face looks so orange,her nails is too long for a make up artist,and her style is too much. And the other girl Tracy, she wearing boots and leopard,and her hair is too big. So this guy changed their entire look from make up,hair and even he took off their jewelry. He said " less is good". Everybody said that they booth look gorgeous and beautiful. But you know what ? After they left the salon, they change their looks just like they used to be. They make their hair back to big, they back to used bronzer and jewelry. This girls said that "even everybody said that i'm beautiful,but this isn't me. And i'm comfortable with how i look like before doing make over. If people doesn't like with how i look,that their problem,not me" 

Actually,for me i agree with the guy at the Salon when he said "less is good and they both looks beautiful" but,if they feel comfortable and confident with the way they look before,i think it's quite fair. Even it's too much,too extreme,too much bronzer,too bla bla bla. But when it comes about confident, then you can look beautiful just the way it is. Maybe in New York this girls make up is too much,but for people in New Jersey their booth look amazing and people loved it.
Whether you wear make up or not,your pants is too short,your skirt is too long,just be you. Because fashion has no limit,you can wear anything you want as long as you comfortable,confident and happy about it.

For this look,i love wearing stocking when i wear short skirt,because i have curve body and my legs is big. With this stocking my legs looks skinny. And if you follow my instagram you would know that i'm so in love with white color. So i wear white skirt and white blazer.

Details : 
Skirt : glam glam
Blazer : F21
White shirt : Zara
Bag : H&M
Shoes : nova 
Sunglasses : casesunglasses ( ig : casesunglasses )

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