A few weeks a go did a photoshoot with Adorablechick, a local brand from Bandung.I just received the finale look from all collections and to be honest it's really great collections. They produce many kind of outer, pants, jumpsuit, overall,skirt adn dress. Adorablechick will be a perfect gate away for every woman to embracing new quality of self esteem rather than insecure, to present in every step of their life, to say and make woman believe in their self again, to stand out among others, to trust on what their believe most and to encouraging woman pursue their wildest dream.
      Because being beautiful, pretty, interesting it's just not good enough. Being adorable then you have a whole universe on your hand. It's about the way you looking deep inside you and be adorable in your way. it's not about what others looks like but it's about things that you believe in most. Adorable it's every woman higher accession beyond anything what others women believe these day.
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  1. Cool style!!!
    Kaya kulkasss