How to refresh your mood ?

Sometimes you feel bored of your daily routine or your job and it's naturally feeling that you should face most of the time. What should you do to get rid of those feeling just to refresh your mind. For me as a housewife, i have a job also like other mother whom work at the office. Cooking and cleaning the house is also a job for me,i prepare my kids to get ready to school,making their breakfast,cooking for my husband and cleaning the house. Sometimes i feel bored and try something to refresh my mind and body. Here's some of my advice :
1. Take a shower
Yes take a shower,some of you might think,is shower really makes your day better ? Well,maybe it's not gonna make you happy. But,it's definitely refresh your mind and body. My favorite thing to do is listening your favorite songs while shower, i could sing and dance while shower at the same time,it's make shower more fun. Trust me,i am a better singer on the bathroom 
2. Take a long nap
Sometimes when you get bored, maybe it's a signal from your body to take a rest and sleep. Go snooze !! Sleep help you feel better from your overwhelmed day. But it's way beyond just boosting your mood. Sleep also can benefit your heart and banishing under eye circles. Put your phone away,play lullaby songs and go snooze
3. Do your hobby
Meanwhile,when you were too busy on your daily job,you might don't have any time to do your hobby,things that you really love about. Like music,dance,workout,hit the gym,anything. Now,maybe it's time to do your long forgotten hobby again and make time for that. For me,i love to get sweat and following the dance class or just hit the gym. Anything sport with a good musics. I always exited every time i'm about to hit the class especially with my friends,get sweat and feel sexy.Since sport has become my lifestyle, shopping workout outfits is one of my favorite thing. I have bunch of sport outfit in my closet. You can do your hobby in many ways in order to make it more fun 
4. Meet your friends
Last but not least,this is my most favorite mood booster all the time and it's always work on me. Maybe it's also your favorite time as well to hangout with your friends,forget about your overwhelmed work,your problems. Fortunately, some of my friends is also my neighbor. My house is about 5 minutes away from my friends house. Every time i bored, i can just jump into their house just to talk or coffee. Sometimes i invite them to come over,i can make foods or snack to cheer up the situation,play good music while we were talking or gossiping. Trust me,it's the most favorite mood booster all the time 
For your information,my blog is not only about fashion blog anymore. It's also about lifestyle and what happening on my daily routine. Cause i wanna share everything in this blog as my dairy. But the photos still about my personal fashion 

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