Black Jumpsuit

Hello everyone, i want to say Happy Ied Mubarak to everyone who celebrate it And i want to say my apologize to everyone who know me for my mistakes by my attitude and everything i've said that  could cost offended. That's the meaning of Ied Mubarak,it's all about forgiving each other.

Well,this is one of my favorite look all the time. For everyone who always read my blog definitely know that i'm a big fan of Jumpsuit. I have two look wearing jumpsuits in previous post. It's like my everyday look.  And to be honest, i stole my sister jumpsuit which she just bought. I'm not sure where she bought it, cause i'm not a "labels girl' who always buy things by the label. I could just buy cheap non-label vintage skirt and mix it with white simple shirt. You can looks stylish with everything from your closet, you just have to smart to mix and match your outfit of the day with a simple statement necklace,bracelet,watch,and shoes. The most important thing is you have to be confident with your self.

Okay back to jumpsuit, i mix it with white crop top shirt from Zara. It's showed a little bit of my belly from side just to make it more sexier and make statement on this look. I like showing a lil bit of my belly,even though my husband hate it so much. Sometimes he gave me silly comment. But at the end he just let me be me. I also  wear choker necklace ( or that's what people called this necklace) and Charlotte Olympia shoes that makes me more taller. Jumpsuit does makes you look more taller and smaller.

I did this photo shoot at Armor Coffee located in Juanda Forest in Bandung. This coffee shop is totally different than other coffee shop you usually  found. Beacause the location was in the middle of the pine tree forest. You can enjoy your coffee while kiss forest sweet smelling. This place bring your coffee experience to another level.

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