Saturday, 30 July 2016

Insecure feelings by your ex

 by Cintacha Roselina Flouraisya

This morning my phone was ring and i saw y sister's name on the screen. I pick up the phone and her voice sound's like she was just woke up from her sleep. I know she still sleepy but she can't even wait until all her awareness back.  Last night her ex-boyfriend text her to stay away from his family. Even though that my sister and his family are so close even they have break up  few years ago. For that such long time,my sister and her ex-boyfriend's sister often going out together. But suddenly he asked her to keep the distance away to her. What is wrong with this guy ? She just tried to being nice to his family. Short story, this guy have a new girlfriend and his relationship might going well, till the point where my sister presence might disturbing enough for her . Why this girl feel threat by her ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. so here my though, sometime people feel insecure by other people presence cause they feel doubt about what they have.

i think there two kind of people in relationship. One,people who always believe what they have is real so they never worried about other things that might disturbing their relationship. Two,the people who feel insecure and doubt about their relationship then come up with some fears last is this girl,who worried about his es-girlfriend boyfriend. Is she wrong ?  i think what she did is so immature like a child worry about their toys would be taken by random kids then they keep the toys inside their room and lock it up. But,she has right for her relationship  and choose different ways to keep  her relationship on track. We can't judging her to choose that way. people has their own way to live their life.

did my sister feeling hurt ? of course she's hurt by the way her ex-boyfriend wanted her  to stay away from his family. Because my sister had special bound with his family. My sister has right to feel hurt. But still, i said that she must appreciate their choice in order to keep their relationship on track by not worried about my sister's presence. This guy is moving forward with his life and my sister must have a big heart to appreciate his way by keep the distance with his family.

People now days tend being unreal by their thought and being complicated by their choice. This feel might come from blocked mind by their desire to have something but many obstacles to facing by. Then they find easy path to get rid of those obstacle and they didn't realize that path might hurt other people feeling. Sometime we have to be wise about someone's path, not only because we must to,but because we can keep our mind from negativity thought that ruin our life. Negativity cost us being bad person. Just keep your positive and negativity away.

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