by Cintacha Roselina Flouraisya

Secret is one word could damage relationship between your partner,friends even between employee and the boss.But,i think it's ok to have a little secret in order to make things right, it's doesn't mean you're lying, but you just don't have to tell everything unnecessary things. i think people now day had secrets in their own. But,be careful with your secret, there several things require honesty in the best way. I'm talking about small secret to keep up with. 

Have you ever heard word "a woman hearts is a deep ocean of secret" ? if you had watched Titanic movie back in the days, at the end of the movie after Rose told everything that she had been through with Jack,she said that word. And i absolutely agree with her, if you know what i mean. Woman tend speak their desire in her own mind,but hardly to spill it out. Then sometimes it's better that way<to keep it on their own. I think woman and secret are best friend. My best advice is to be careful with your secret, don't let secret break your relationship with anyone you loved.

Old pink skirt X Zara white top
venue are Cottonwood Breakfast and Bed
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  1. Imenjinggg ih ibu ini 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Lovely look! Have a nice day)

  3. Lovely outfit. I like your shoes and skirt :)

    xo Azu