New Year Resolution

New year is about around the corner. Do you already have any resolution for new year ? my resolution is to get better than me before, being great mom and wife. I want to improving my self on everything, to more balance between my life and my blogging life, also more concern about fashion,beauty and healthy life.  20016 has been a year where i experience so much up and down life, i have been in my worst situation in 2016 but i get so much lesson from this year, and at the end rainbow will show up after a big storm. 2016 also make me more stronger than ever. I will never regret one thing from the past, cause all those things bring me to be who i am today. I'm so ready for 2017 and i believe 2017 will be great and bright and full of joy.

 I have one project that i want to do next year, It still related to my passion which is fashion life. Also i wanna live more healthy for me and for my family, healthy food might be one of my biggest concern. I want to travel more with my husband, explore new place and living life more together.

Enough about my resolution, let's talk about my fashion. You know how much i love hot pants and crop top, i mix it up with my Stradivarius white shoes. Hot pants and crop top are from Berskha. I rarely using red lipstick except when my birthday party last month. I think it's the only time i wear red lipstick, cause the theme of the party is The Great Gatsby. I just bought new lipstick from wardah and i love this red much. What do you guys think about my red lips ? 

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